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Spinal Decompression Therapy Might Help Heal Your Herniated Disc

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If you have a herniated disc, you may have a lot of back pain that interferes with your daily life. There are treatments your doctor can try to help you heal and relieve your pain, and one of them is spinal decompression therapy.

Spinal decompression therapy for a herniated disc might help your condition when other treatments have failed. However, your doctor may want you to try other types of treatments while you're having spinal decompression therapy, too. Here's more about spinal decompression therapy for a herniated disc that you should know.

The Treatment Is Gentle And Done On A Table

This therapy is easy to take. The movements are gentle and done on a computerized table. The table is divided in half, and your body is secured to the table so you stay still while the table moves. The computer determines the best way to move the table and your body to open up the spine around your herniated disc. The table movements are tailored to you based on the location of your bad disc.

The Therapy Takes Pressure Off Your Disc And Nerve

When the table opens up your spine, pressure is taken off the disc. This can allow the disc to return to a normal position, and with the bulge diminished, pressure is also taken off of your nerve. Nerve compression is what causes pain with a herniated disc. The treatment lasts for several minutes, but that's usually not long enough to get permanent results. Instead, you'll probably need several treatments to heal the disc and eliminate pain.

The Movement Also Improves Blood Flow

When your spine opens up, this creates a vacuum in the disc area. This pulls blood to the area and increases circulation. Improved blood flow enhances healing since blood contains nutrients and growth factors needed for your body to repair your condition. This is why multiple treatments are often needed since each builds on the other by helping your body repair the bad disc. Your condition should gradually improve over the course of your treatment.

The Therapy Might Help You Avoid Surgery

Spinal decompression for a herniated disc might help you avoid surgery. It may also speed up your healing when compared to relying on other treatments alone. If you're frustrated with your back pain, but don't want surgery, then talk to your doctor about spinal decompression therapy. It's not the right choice for everyone, so your doctor can assess your medical problems and decide if it's right for you. They'll explain the pros and cons and let you know what to expect with the treatment so you can decide if spinal decompression is a treatment you want to undergo.

For more information about spinal compression therapy for herniated discs, reach out to a local clinic.