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How To Manage Lower Back Pain

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It is common for most folks to experience back pain at one point in their lives. Your back may hurt due to a strenuous task or a chronic condition, such as arthritis. However, if you experience severe lower back pain that affects your everyday activities, you should be checked immediately by a chiropractor. The following remedies will help ease your lower back pain before it worsens. 

Wake Up And Stretch

If you want to ease your lower back pain, always stay active. Doing simple exercises instead of staying on the couch all day may ease or prevent back pain. Strong muscles around your abdominal core help in supporting your back. Activities, such as walking, increase your flexibility and strengthen your muscles, which helps in preventing lower back problems.

Avoid Unhealthy Habits

Do you know nicotine in cigarettes and other tobacco substances can weaken your spinal bones? Smokers are at higher risk of spine problems and other diseases than nonsmokers. Also, nicotine removes vital nutrients from the spongy disks supporting your joints; before you realize it, it's too late. Quit smoking to have a healthy spine that will keep your back flexible to prevent lower back pain.

Make Sure You Are Getting Enough Sleep

Real pain can make you have trouble sleeping. Lack of enough sleep can, therefore, worsen your back pain. Your body needs rest so that the body tissues can recharge and heal. Failure to do this can result in so many problems. If you notice that you are having trouble falling asleep, you should address the cause of the pain. Your doctor may give you medication to fix the problem.

You Should Maintain a Healthy Weight

Losing weight lightens the load on your back. So, if you are overweight and experiencing lower back pain, you can best try to shed an extra pound. Trying to lose weight isn't an easy journey, and that's why you need your doctor to advise on an exercise and diet plan that works for you.

Always Maintain a Good Posture

Keeping a good posture eases the pressure on your lower back. If you work in front of a laptop or computer, ensure your arms rest on the desk. Also, straps and stretchy bands may help keep your spine in position. Your eyes should be on the same level as the top of your screen when working to keep a good posture.

Inquire More About Supplements

Eating foods rich in minerals and vitamins is the best thing you can do for your body. However, some people don't get enough vitamin D, which is essential for bone growth and health. Therefore, it is necessary to consult your chiropractor about which supplement might help strengthen your bones.

Contact your doctor to learn more about back pain relief.