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Tips For Those That Experience Regular Migraines

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Suffering from a migraine can be a very painful and highly disruptive problem. While migraines can be an unfortunate problem that many patients will experience, it is often the case that individuals may struggle with managing or lessening their symptoms.

Track Potential Triggers For Your Headaches

For many headache patients, there may be triggers that can cause them to experience a severe headache. Tracking these triggers can help you with identifying the potential cause of your migraine so that you can mitigate this in the future. For example, there are some patients that will find that not getting enough sleep the night before can greatly increase their chances of developing a migraine during the day. Others may find that there are specific foods that can cause them to develop this headache. Keeping a journal of your headaches may help you to find patterns that could alert you to these potential triggers.

Use A Cold Compress To Lessen Discomfort

When you are experiencing a painful migraine, it can be difficult to find relief as many over-the-counter medications may not be particularly effective against this type of headache. In these situations, a person may find that placing a cold compress over their eyes for a few minutes could substantially reduce their pain and discomfort. For some individuals, the sensation of a cold compress may be fairly intense, but this can be an option for finding relief from your pain when your routine headache medications are not working.

Have Your Prescription Lenses Updated

Failing to keep prescription lenses updated can lead to significant eye strain that may be able to trigger very painful migraines in some people. Unfortunately, this is a potential source of migraines that individuals may overlook, but it can be a surprisingly common contributor. If you decide to get prescription lenses updated, you should be careful with choosing glasses that comfortably fit your face and provide a clear field of view. Tight glasses that do not cover your peripheral vision could be less effective at eliminating this source of migraines.

Seek Professional Migraine Therapy

Individuals are often under the impression that there are no effective treatments for chronic migraines. Luckily, there are migraine therapy providers that are able to assist patients with effectively managing these symptoms. This may involve the use of over-the-counter medications as well as comprehensive evaluations to help find the cause of the migraines. This can be important as migraines may be an early indication of far more serious medical problems, such as brain tumors.

For more information on migraine therapy, contact a professional near you.