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2 Reasons You Might Get PT After You Break A Bone

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If you break a bone in your arm or leg, you are going to have to spend several weeks in a cast so that the bone can heal. But, while the bone is healing in that cast, your arm or leg is going to be in the same position the whole time, and the muscles are going to get weaker because they aren't being used. One thing that your doctor may suggest that you do after you get your arm or leg out of the cast is that you do some physical therapy. What are some reasons that your doctor might suggest that you do this?


This is the body's sense of where it is in space. This is what lets you stretch your arms out, close your eyes, and touch your nose. Your body knows where those various parts are in space and in relation to each other. When you have your arm or leg in a cast, it kind of loses that sense for a little while, and you can feel like your arm or leg isn't quite yours or can't quite figure out where it is in relation to the rest of you. So, when you get the cast off, your body needs to get used to it again, and physical therapy can help your body get used to having your limb free again. 


Another reason that your doctor might want you to get physical therapy after they remove your cast is that it can help to strengthen up those muscles that didn't really get used while they were in a cast. The longer you are in a cast, the weaker your muscles are going to be, and the harder it can be for you to get back to normal. It may also cause you some pain because of those weakened muscles. The physical therapist that you see will give you a lot of different exercises that will help you to get that limb back to as much strength as the rest of your limbs. 

When you break a bone in your leg or arm, you are going to spend some time in a cast waiting for it to heal. Once your bone has healed up, your doctor will take your cast off. They may refer you over to physical therapy for a few sessions to help you out and to give you the rest of the healing you need. 

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