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Healing Benefits Of Chiropractic Care After A Car Accident

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Whether you are involved in a minor "fender bender," or a major collision, you can sustain major injuries that can cause long-term disability. While you can take prescription medications to manage your pain, they often cause significant side effects. Fortunately, an auto injury chiropractic care practitioner can help restore optimal movement and range of motion to your neck and spine so that your tissues and joints heal without the side effects of pain medications. Here are some reasons chiropractic care may be the best treatment option for you if you get hurt in an auto accident. 

Relieves Pressure On Spinal Structures

Common auto accident injuries such as whiplashes, torn ligaments, contusions, and sprains can cause pressure and inflammation of your spine. Even diagnostic x-rays can't always detect these types of injuries since x-rays can only capture irregularities in bones and not soft tissues. While x-rays will probably not help your chiropractor diagnose soft tissue injuries, they will rule out bone fractures.

The chiropractor will need to know if you have a spinal or other fracture before he or she begins your treatment. Chiropractic treatments such as spinal adjustments can help the body heal because they realign your spine and vertebrae to relieve pressure on your ligaments, joints, and nerves. When your spine is in proper alignment, your body produces less of the chemicals that promote inflammation. 

Stress Relief

The trauma and pain of a car accident can cause significant emotional stress. When your body suffers a traumatic event, pro-inflammatory chemicals called cytokines are released into your bloodstream, causing body-wide inflammation. When this happens, your neck and spine injuries become even more painful as a result of further inflammation.

Chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic massage help dampen the inflammatory response while relieving anxiety, stress, and depression. These treatments also help promote circulation to the injured areas of your spine and neck to further enhance the healing process. You will also be able to sleep better, which will further promote optimal healing after your motor vehicle accident. 

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, make an appointment with an auto injury chiropractic care practitioner to learn more about the benefits of spinal adjustments, manipulation, and therapeutic massage. After your chiropractor performs a comprehensive spinal and neck examination, he or she will develop an individualized treatment plan to relieve your pain, restore your mobility, and help you enjoy  better quality sleep. 

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