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Exercises That Help And Harm The Lower Back

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If you have a chronic lower back pain issue, then it may be wise to see a chiropractor who is able to complete adjustments to align your spine properly. In between adjustments, you should make sure that you are exercising your back so that spasms and general strains are kept at bay. There are some exercises that you should be doing, but also ones that probably should be avoided. Keep reading to learn about a few. 

Toe Touches

Toe touches sound like a good idea when it comes to the lower back, since they are meant to stretch the lumbar area. However, in an attempt to reach the toes, the tissues along the spine are often stretched too much. Vertebrate are also likely to be subjected to hyperextension where the vertebrate and the cartilage discs that sit between them are bent too far. Like a knee or elbow that is hyperextended, this can cause a good deal of joint pain and damage to cartilage, ligaments, and tendons in the region.

Not only is hyperextension bad, but a muscle spasm during a toe touch can cause you to fall to the floor due to your position.

Instead of toe touches that are completed while standing, think about completing sitting toe touches instead. Use your hands to reach towards your toes in front of you and stop once you feel your lower back stretching. Keep yourself in the position for about 10 seconds before relaxing.

Wall sits where you move your body up and down from a standing position is a good exercise as well. This is especially true since your back will be supported by a wall during the exercise.


SIt-ups are a common exercise paired with other types of core strengthening exercises. It is wise to strengthen the core, because the abdominal muscles will help to support the ones across the lower back. They also take some of the stress off the back muscles if they are strong enough to hold weight.

However, if you complete a set of sit-ups, the back muscles are often used to lift the body, instead of the abdominal ones. Also, as the spine rolls during the exercise, the vertebrate may be placed under too much stress. The last part of hte sit-up where you lie down is the most stressful on the spinal column.

You should complete crunches instead of sit-ups. Back stretching that is completed on your stomach is acceptable as well. Just make sure that you push slowly and gently force your shoulders back. This will allow the spine to curve more slowly. 

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