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Head Injuries Require That You Seek Emergency Room Evaluation And Continuing Concussion Care Thereafter

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A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that's caused when you suffer a direct and forceful blow to your head. The intensity of the blow hurtles your brain into the skull. The generative force of that injury results in a quick onset of ephemeral neurological impairment signs such as dizziness and an inability to focus. You may or may not lose consciousness from a clinical point of view. In any event, you should immediately visit a hospital emergency room (ER) or another emergency room facility for immediate evaluation. If the person injured is a minor, take the child to the ER to be evaluated. Following the ER visit you can choose to have continuing care from a chiropractor professional.

Untreated Concussion Injury Can Worsen

Many athletes, from high school to professional athletes, participate in contact sports such as football and soccer play. Many of them suffer concussions that can develop into major brain injuries if left untreated. In order to avoid worsening of a concussion injury, steps must be taken to identify the injury. An emergency room physician usually orders a CT scan of your head. Results from the scanning determine what type of treatment a patient needs to undergo.

Concussion injuries and symptoms must be reported by athletes. Coaches should be trained to recognize concussion injuries and to immediately seek medical attention for the athletes. Allowing an athlete to remain in the game after a sustained head injury is a dangerous trend that must be stopped.

Most Common Concussion Symptoms

Loss of consciousness following a head blow is obviously troubling. Other symptoms that must be taken seriously are nausea and vomiting. Noticeable poor balance and vision changes are indicators of a sustained concussion. The injured person may have difficulty concentrating too. Hallucinations and seizures as well as disorientation and personality changes are significant symptoms as are fatigue and tinnitus incidents. All of these symptoms can be eliminated by the application of an effective chiropractic treatment program.

Chiropractic Treatment Program

When you suffer a concussion, the blow to your head may have initiated a forceful-enough motion that displaced spinal cranial bones and perhaps other spinal bones as well. Your chiropractor addresses these issues that require adjustment while offering you pain relief through the use of state-of-the-art acupuncture therapy. Soft tissue issues are also treated by the chiropractor.

Chiropractic adjustments, when performed, might cause you to hear popping sounds while the adjustment is taking place. That happens because proper alignment is occurring as cranial bones fall back into correct alignment. None of your bones are being broken during this process. Advise your primary care physician in follow-up care, post the ER visit, when you wish to have chiropractic concussion treatment care. Contact a clinic, like Dearing Chiropractic, Neurology & Rehabilitation, for more help.