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Whiplash From An Auto Collision

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One of the fastest and most untimely ways to get injured is from getting into an auto accident. Such accidents can happen at anytime, even while you are pulling out of your own driveway. Auto accidents can affect your life in numerous ways, such as by causing you to develop problems that interfere with how you are able to function. For example, whiplash is one of the minor problems that many people suffer from after a collision, and it should be treated to prevent the symptoms from getting worse. Browse this article for some helpful information about whiplash from a collision and what a chiropractor can do about it.

Unnatural Neck Jerking

Unnatural neck jerking in a sudden manner is what causes whiplash to develop. The reason the condition commonly happens after a collision is because rear-end collisions usually happens suddenly for the victim. When one vehicle slams into the rear of another one, it leads to the victim's neck moving in a fast and unnatural way. Whiplash often only leads to strain that is able to go away on its own after a few days. However, it is also possible for the condition to be severe and cause symptoms that takes a long time to heal.

Experiencing Symptoms

One of the common symptoms of whiplash is neck strain, which can be minor or severe. Until the strain heals, it might be difficult for you to fully move your neck in various directions. Whiplash can also cause you to experience pain, which may only come when you are looking over your shoulder or moving your neck. Headaches can come and stay around for a long time when you are suffering from whiplash as well. Other symptoms that you can experience from whiplash include stiffness and tenderness in your neck muscles.

Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash can be treated using various methods depending on how severe it is. For example, you might only need an ice pack in minor cases. Wearing a neck brace is commonly needed for treating whiplash, as it can prevent too much neck movement and help with reducing inflammation. If you have severe symptoms, a physician might refer you to a chiropractor, as a chiropractor is trained for treated auto accident injuries such as whiplash. He or she can massage the problematic areas of the neck, as well as the shoulder being that they can become problemsome from whiplash as well.  

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