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How Your Chiropractor Can Assist With Your Tinnitus

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Tinnitus is a condition that can be really tough to deal with. Tinnitus is technically considered a symptom that is always connected to another issue; it is not considered its own condition. However, it can be connected to such a wide range of other issues it can often be hard to figure out what is behind your tinnitus. If you have struggled to put an end to the ringing in your ears, you may want to work with a chiropractor in addition to your regular doctor to help curb your tinnitus.

#1 Talking With Your Chiropractor

When you go to a chiropractor for the first time, they are going to want to know your full health history. This appointment will generally last longer than a typical appointment because your chiropractor is going to want to get your entire health history and assess your general health and overall well-being. It is best to plan on at least an hour for this appointment, perhaps a little more.

During this appointment, you are going to want to provide your chiropractor with all of the information that you have about your tinnitus. Let them know the very first time you realized that your ears were ringing and the sound didn't stop after a short period of time. If your tinnitus gets louder at certain times, let your chiropractor know what triggers the increase in the volume of your tinnitus.

Then, you need to let your chiropractor know all the diagnoses and treatments that you and your primary care doctor have gone through to find the source of your tinnitus and treat it.

By sharing as much information as possible, your chiropractor will be able to come up with the best course of action for complementing the treatment that you are already working on with your primary care doctor.

#2 Treatment From Your Chiropractor

After you go over your medical history, you should expect treatment from your chiropractor. To start with, you should expect your chiropractor to take fresh x-rays of your spine. This will allow your chiropractor to see the state of your spine. It will allow them to see if any of your bones are out of alignment. Misalignment of your spines and other bones in your body could be a contributing factor to your tinnitus.

More than likely, your chiropractor is going to play close attention to your head and neck area. Your head and neck area are closely connected to all of your systems that could contribute to your hearing and your tinnitus. If your neck is out of alignment, that could affect your hearing and your central nervous system and contribute to your tinnitus.

If appropriate, your chiropractor will set up a course of treatment for you to ensure that your spine is in alignment and that your central nervous system is firing correctly. Hopefully, this course of treatment, combined with the efforts of your primary care doctor, will help ease your suffering due to your tinnitus and hopeful treat the symptom in its entirety. Contact a chiropractic office like Burgman Chiropractic Clinic PC to learn more.